17 de noviembre de 2017

Jornada Mundial de los pobres - World Day of the Poor - Journée Mondiale des Pauvres

¿Cuándo? El 19 de noviembre de 2017 será la primera Jornada Mundial de los Pobres... Y el XXXIII Domingo del tiempo ordinario de cada año.

Con motivo del año de la Misericordia, 2016, el Papa Francisco celebró el jubileo de los pobres en la fiesta de Cristo Rey. Su deseo: "Al final del Jubileo de la Misericordia quise ofrecer a la Iglesia la Jornada Mundial de los Pobres, para que en todo el mundo las comunidades cristianas se conviertan cada vez más y mejor en signo concreto del amor de Cristo por los últimos y los más necesitados. Quisiera que, a las demás Jornadas mundiales establecidas por mis predecesores, que son ya una tradición en la vida de nuestras comunidades, se añada esta, que aporta un elemento delicadamente evangélico y que completa a todas en su conjunto, es decir, la predilección de Jesús por los pobres."

Objetivo: "Esta Jornada tiene como objetivo, en primer lugar, estimular a los creyentes para que reaccionen ante la cultura del descarte y del derroche, haciendo suya la cultura del encuentro. Al mismo tiempo, la invitación está dirigida a todos, independientemente de su confesión religiosa, para que se dispongan a compartir con los pobres a través de cualquier acción de solidaridad, como signo concreto de fraternidad. Dios creó el cielo y la tierra para todos; son los hombres, por desgracia, quienes han levantado fronteras, muros y vallas, traicionando el don original destinado a la humanidad sin exclusión alguna."
Somos invitados: "Invito a toda la Iglesia y a los hombres y mujeres de buena voluntad a mantener, en esta jornada, la mirada fija en quienes tienden sus manos clamando ayuda y pidiendo nuestra solidaridad. Son nuestros hermanos y hermanas, creados y amados por el Padre celestial."

When? 19 November 2017 will be the First World Day of the Poor - 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time.

"At the conclusion of the Jubilee of Mercy, I wanted to offer the Church a World Day of the Poor, so that throughout the world Christian communities can become an ever greater sign of Christ’s charity for the least and those most in need.  To the World Days instituted by my Predecessors, which are already a tradition in the life of our communities, I wish to add this one, which adds to them an exquisitely evangelical fullness, that is, Jesus’ preferential love for the poor.
I invite the whole Church, and men and women of good will everywhere, to turn their gaze on this day to all those who stretch out their hands and plead for our help and solidarity.  They are our brothers and sisters, created and loved by the one Heavenly Father.  This Day is meant, above all, to encourage believers to react against a culture of discard and waste, and to embrace the culture of encounter.  At the same time, everyone, independent of religious affiliation, is invited to openness and sharing with the poor through concrete signs of solidarity and fraternity.  God created the heavens and the earth for all; yet sadly some have erected barriers, walls and fences, betraying the original gift meant for all humanity, with none excluded."

 Quand? Le 19 novembre 2017. Le 33ème Dimanche du Temps Ordinaire.

"Au terme du Jubilé de la Miséricorde, j’ai voulu offrir à l’Église la Journée Mondiale des Pauvres, afin que dans le monde entier les communautés chrétiennes deviennent toujours davantage et mieux signe concret de la charité du Christ pour les derniers et pour ceux qui sont le plus dans le besoin. Aux autres Journées mondiales instituées par mes Prédécesseurs, qui sont désormais une tradition dans la vie de nos communautés, je voudrais que s’ajoute celle-ci, qui apporte à leur ensemble un complément typiquement évangélique, c’est-à-dire la prédilection de Jésus pour les pauvres.
J’invite l’Église tout entière ainsi que les hommes et les femmes de bonne volonté à avoir le regard fixé, en cette journée, sur tous ceux qui tendent les mains en criant au secours et en sollicitant notre solidarité. Ce sont nos frères et sœurs, créés et aimés par l’unique Père céleste. Cette Journée entend stimuler, en premier lieu, les croyants afin qu’ils réagissent à la culture du rebut et du gaspillage, en faisant leur la culture de la rencontre. En même temps, l’invitation est adressée à tous, indépendamment de l’appartenance religieuse, afin qu’ils s’ouvrent au partage avec les pauvres, sous toutes les formes de solidarité, en signe concret de fraternité. Dieu a créé le ciel et la terre pour tous ; ce sont les hommes, malheureusement, qui ont créé les frontières, les murs et les clôtures, en trahissant le don originel destiné à l’humanité sans aucune exclusion."

10 de noviembre de 2017

Training on Kitchen garden

Convent of Jesus and Mary, PALANPUR-India

We had the Training on Kitchen Garden for the tribal villages of Palanpur. These tribals are called Dungri Garasia Adivasis. These villages are in the forest and their houses are very far away and very often these people do not get vegetables to eat.They eat only Maze Chappati with the chilly powder. So in order to help these people to get the vegetables easily in their places.  Sr. Julie Parmar  organized the Training on Kitchen Garden for these villagers. Mr.Khushal bhai from Palanpur was the resource person who cultivates the vegetables himself. Hence he has much experience in this area. He explained to them how to cultivate and in which season to cultivate the vegetables. 

He also explained how the waste water could be saved  and  used for this purpose. Sometimes children and others throw away the remaining  water after drinking. So he told them to keep two buckets near the water pot and put the remaining water in the buckets. He  also instructed them to wash the pots everyday and keep the place clean.

The Training on Kitchen Garden has made very big impact on all the women. Some women used this knowledge and have started to cultivate the vegetables for their own houses.

Manuben  Kheemabhai  from Tandelee village cultivated the vegetables she told all the women in the meeting that she did not have money to buy vegetables so always ate with chappati with chilly powder. She said she never knew this but after the training,  now she has  so much vegetables to eat, not only for her family but the other families around also. She can now share the vegetables  with others, too.

So in this way women are concentised to help themselves and help their families.

Sr. Julie Parmar.

4 de noviembre de 2017


27 de septiembre de 2017

Activity at Karunalaya Dispensary Anklav, Vadodara, India

In keeping with the World Cancer Day an awareness talk on the same was organized  for the women at Karunalaya Dispensary Anklav on 27.2.17 at 9:45 am Many women from the nearby villages of Anklav were present.
Sr. Theresa George RJM being the resource person of the  day mainly spoke on the  CANCER as whole with special emphasis on uterine and breast cancer.  She mainly spoke on the signs and symptoms of cancer like weight loss, anemia, generalized debility , anorexia … with the signs of the breast cancer like painless lump in the breast or axilla, bleeding or any discharge from the breast , change in the shape and size of the breast and in the nipple needs to be observed and watched for. For the cancer of the uterus and cervix like abnormal discharges which is offensive, dyspareunia or spotting of the blood seen after menopause are the main causes.
Besides this Sr. also emphasized on the importance of hygiene. Cleanliness is next to Godliness where keeping the surroundings clean and maintenance of personal hygiene can prevent cancer and other diseases.
A special  emphasis was stressed on education. Where by educating one girl you educate the whole house , and by educating one woman you educate the  whole society. A woman is a beacon of light in her family and it is the same woman who loves and feels for her others. Role of a woman in the society is very important  and where by  her presence the whole world could be transformed. So we as women need not be ashamed but need to  feel proud of our existence. So she encouraged the women to avail the opportunities given to them like vocational training …. and in turn make good use of it. So education plays a key role in the life of a woman and allows the woman not to be submissive but to uphold their rights and dignity.

20 de septiembre de 2017

A peace rally to conscientise authorities

(An error in the State Board Hindi Text book)

Our country, India is a land of people belonging to different cultures, traditions, languages, colour, caste and creed. Where people practice different faiths and follow different religious. The unity despite diversities is of utmost importance. But the recent happenings in terms of attacks to the Christian Minority Community are of serious concern to the very existence and living of this peace loving community. We have contributed our best in the growth, welfare and advancement of our country through our educational institutions, our hospitals and community welfare institutions.
Despite the services rendered we find ourselves trapped in various unwanted, politically motivated and supported conflicts for absolutely no genuine reason. 

One of these reasons was the reference to Jesus, our Saviour as "Haiwan". (The Hindi word for "Satan") in the text book produced, printed and recommended by the Gujarat State Board of Schools Text books by the State Government in the Hindi subject studied by the students of class IX all over the state. 
To highlight and rectify this discrepancy, a silent peace rally was conducted by all the Christian groups on 12th June, 2017 in protest against reference to Our Lord Jesus as "Haiwan" (Satan). 
Religious leaders, principals, RJMs, and lay leaders of the Christian Churches and Missionary Schools briefed the Collector on how we show and express our respect and concern for all faiths in our institutions. They gave an account of the celebration of various festivals in schools through which children are taught to practise inter-faith harmony and sensitivity towards one and all. 
The solidarity expressed by the Christians during this rally was a note worthy feature of the entire silent protest. 

In an era where the world has reached its peak in advancements in various fields, we the Christian minorities have made massive contribution to the promotion of values, ideals and helped the youth who have educated themselves in our schools, to create a unique place and position in the society and leave an outstanding mark of their Alma Mater wherever and in whatever profession they undertake.
We hope that there will be no discrimination among us and such gross errors that lay a negative impact on young minds and hearts be taken care of by our political leaders and that peace prevails in a country that celebrates unity in diversity.
Sisters of Vadodara Province

15 de septiembre de 2017

Le Temps de la Création/Season of Creation/El Tiempo de la Creación/Il tempo del Creato

 Le 1er Septembre a été proclamé comme la Journée mondiale de prière pour la création par l’Eglise Orthodoxe en 1989, et de nombreuses églises chrétiennes ont rejoint depuis lors, avec le Pape François, plus récemment en 2015. Le Temps de la Création a étéétendue pour une durée d’un mois, qui setermine le 4 d’ Octobre (Fête de Saint François d’Assise). En savoir plus avec cette vidéo.

Sept. 1 to Oct. 4 we pray and act together for Creation: http://seasonofcreation.org/

Desde el 1 de septiembre hasta el 4 de Octubre, Cristianos alrededor del mundo se juntan para rezar por el cuidado de la creación.

Dal 1 settembre fino al 4 ottobre, Cristiani in tutto il mondo si riuniranno per pregare ed aver cura del Creato. Partecipa ad un servizio di preghiera locale vicino a te oppure organizza il tuo evento.

5 de septiembre de 2017

Il lamento della Montagna/El lamento de la Montaña

Stella Tognon*

Fino a venti o trenta anni fa, appena sciolta la neve, venivano i montanari a ripulire i miei prati. Più avanti le donne raccoglievano radicchio, asparagi, cumo e crauti e insegnavano ai giovani, che salivano con loro, a conoscere e a rispettare le piante, le erbe e i fiori.
A giugno le mucche raggiungevano le mie cime, accompagnate dai mandriani, pascolavano l’erba e il tintinnio dei loro campanacci rallegrava il mio paesaggio.
Le donne nei casolari facevano il burro, il formaggio, la ricotta, la polenta, preparavano il cibo genuino per tutta la famiglia.
Gli uomini e i ragazzi falciavano l’erba, i bambini correvano felici per i prati, le ragazze andavano alle piccole sorgenti o alle pozze (o cisterne) a prendere l’acqua e poi aiutavano a rastrellare il fieno.
Al tramonto del sole si formavano bei gruppi per cantare e poi con il lume a petrolio, tutti sul fienile a dormire.
Ad agosto incominciava la raccolta delle fragole. lamponi, mirtilli e funghi. A settembre i cacciatori di buon mattino facevano le loro battute di caccia e portavano a casa uccelli e lepri.
Ero contenta di dare lavoro, cibo e salute ai miei montanari.
Infine (verso l’autunno i boscaioli) venivano a tagliare la legna per l’inverno e a raccogliere le foglie secche per fare il letto alle mucche ed io, felice di aver dato tanto, mi addormentavo sotto la neve.
Ora non è più così… è arrivata la tecnica che pian piano mi distrugge. Troppe strade, troppe ruote rovinano i miei sentieri, i rumori dei motori disturbano la mia quiete, i gas inquinano, i miei fiori scompaiono, le rane nelle pozze muoiono, i piccoli ruscelli si perdono, gli uccelli vanno altrove… e quanti rovi crescono! che mi soffocano.
Perché si gettano concimi chimici nei miei prati?
Perché tante immondizie nei cespugli?
E perché tanti incendi?
La neve non mi copre più…Quest’anno non ho dormito, mi sento vecchia e stanca.  Ho paura di bruciare, ho paura di morire.
Rifletti un po’ o uomo della tecnica, non puoi sapere stando seduto al tavolino cosa mi serve; Sali le mie cime siediti, osserva…e. ascolta.
Impara dai miei montanari. Ho bisogno delle loro braccia, della loro esperienza per il giusto equilibrio della natura e ...della mia vita.
Impara ad amarmi, vedrai che tornerà la neve, torneranno gli uccelli, l’acqua nei ruscelli, i fiori nei prati ed io, contenta, ti aiuterò a vivere.

*Stella Tognon, sorella della S. Maria Bertilla Tognon RJM

El lamento de la Montaña
Hasta hace 20 o 30 años, apenas se derretía la nieve, los montañeses llegaban para limpiar mis campos. Más tarde, las mujeres recogían achicoria, espárragos, comino y espinacas salvajes… y les enseñaban a los jóvenes que habían ido con ellas a la montaña, a conocer y respetar las plantas, las hierbas y las flores.
En el mes de junio, las vacas llegaban a mis cimas acompañadas de los pastores (Mandriani); pastaban la hierba y alegraban mi paisaje con el tintineo de sus campañillas.
Las mujeres en las granjas hacían la manteca, el queso, la ricota, la polenta, preparaban el alimento artesanal para toda la familia.
Los hombres y los niños cortaban la hierba, los pequeños corrían felices por los campos, las niñas iban a las pequeñas fuentes o a los pozos a buscar el agua y después ayudaban a rastrillar el heno.
A la caída del sol, se formaban hermosos grupos para cantar y después con el candil, todos a dormir en el granero.
En agosto, comenzaba la recolección de las fresas, frambuesas, arándanos y setas. En septiembre, temprano por la mañana, los cazadores hacían su batida y traían a casa pájaros y liebres.
Yo era feliz de darles trabajo, comida y salud a mis montañeses.
Hacia el otoño, finalmente, los leñadores venían a cortar la leña para el invierno y a recoger las hojas secas para hacer la cama a las vacas y yo, feliz de haber dado tanto, me dormía bajo la nieve.
Ahora no es como antes… llegó la técnica que poco a poco me destruye. Muchos caminos, muchas ruedas arruinan mis senderos, los ruidos de los motores perturban mi quietud, el gas contamina, mis flores desaparecen, las ranas se mueren en los charcos, los pequeños arroyos desaparecen, las aves se van a otra parte… y cuántas malezas crecen que me sofocan.
¿Por qué echan tantos pesticidas en mis prados?
¿Por qué tanta basura en los arbustos?
Y ¿por qué tantos incendios?
La nieve no me cubre más… este año no pude dormir, me siento vieja y cansada. Tengo miedo de quemarme, tengo miedo de morir.
Reflexiona un poco, hombre de la técnica, sentado a una mesa no puedes saber lo que necesito; sube a mis cimas, siéntate, observa… y escucha.
Aprende de los montañeses. Necesito de sus brazos, de su experiencia por el justo equilibrio de la naturaleza y … de mi vida.
Aprende a amarme, verás que volverá la nieve, volverán los pájaros, el agua a los arroyos, las flores en los prados y yo, contenta, te ayudaré a vivir.

2 de septiembre de 2017

St. Joseph High School, PASHAM, Pune, India

A Social awareness program

The School conducted  an awareness program about the fundamental rights and duties as well as the importance of planting  trees and safe driving.
The activity was a kaleidoscope in mime and music, and it was very powerfully portrayed .
The thousand strong crowed of parents and students was mesmerized by the performance. It included the importance of the girl child by laying stress on gender equality.
The harm caused by cutting down trees and its repercussions like sound pollution, noise pollution and air pollution besides climatic change.
The danger involved in drunken driving and the merits of obeying traffic rules.
The right to progress lies in education and it puts an end to exploitation in society.
Making people aware of the beauty of unity and diversity.
Each one aptly reaching out to the third priority and very strongly committed to Justice Peace and Integrity of Creation. 

1 de septiembre de 2017

1 September: World Day prayer for the Care of Creation

Video made by Sr. Rosemary Nicholson RJM
Music with words - "God of All Creation" by David Hass in his CD "As Water to the Thirsty"

Journée Mondiale de Prière pour la Sauvegarde de la Création, 1er septembre 2017.

Jornada Mundial de Oración por el Cuidado de la Creación, 1° de septiembre de 2017.

1 September: 3rd World Day For the Care of Creation - A PROPOSAL OF PRAYER

Il Dicastero per il Servizio dello Sviluppo Umano Integrale ha preparato, come ogni anno, una semplice
guida per aiutare i fedeli a partecipare alla 3° Giornata mondiale di preghiera per la cura del Creato.

Il Santo Padre ci invita ad "assumere un atteggiamento rispettoso e responsabile verso il creato" (Udienza generale del 30 agosto 2017). 
La preghiera, da soli, in famiglia o in comunità, aiuta ed educa ad assumere tale atteggiamento. 

Il nostro invito è quello di riservare qualche minuto alla preghiera, sia il 1 settembre che nei giorni seguenti. La guida è interattiva e si può seguire sul proprio smartphone, tablet, computer, o stampare. 


As every year, the Dicastery for promoting Human Integral Development  has prepared, a
simple Guide in order to help the faithful to participate in the 3rd World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation.

The Holy Father invites us to "assume a
respectful and responsible attitude towards
Creation"(General Audience, August 30, 2017).
Prayer, alone, in the family or in a community,
does help and educate to assume that attitude.
We invite you to reserve some
minutes for prayer, both on September 1st and in the following days. 
The guide is interactive and you can read and follow it on your smartphone, tablet, computer, or you can print it. 

The Joint Message by His Holiness Pope Francis and His Holiness  Bartholomew I, Archbishop of Costantinople,  for the Third World Day for the Care of Creation will be delivered on the 1st September 2017. 

READ IT on www.vatican.va

28 de agosto de 2017

Jesus and Mary Sarvanajanil High School, GOA, Pune, India


"Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better" - Albert Einstein.
To instil love for nature amongst the young students, the Eco club of Jesus and Mary Sarvajanik High School, Carambolim- Goa, is actively involved in organising green activities. During Vanmahotsav week, the enthusiastic students under the guidance of teachers carried out a plantation drive in the school campus. Special assemblies were also conducted, highlighting the importance of medicinal plants and herbs.
"In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks" - John Muir.
To give an exposure and to have aquaintance with nature, a trek to Palli waterfall, Valpoi- Goa, was organised on 14th August 2017. Around 70 students and three teachers were a part of the trek. The trekkers crossed the gushing streams, climbed the steep slope, walked the narrow and challenging paths. Upon reaching the zenith, the view was breathtaking. Indeed it was an unforgettable experience.


27 de agosto de 2017

St. Agnes' High School, BYCULLA, Pune, India - Part 3

Tree plantation

Nature nurtures, it provides, it satisfies, it sustains life on earth, it gives and continues to give…and bestows on us innumerable blessings…yet we have forgotten the role we can play in return.

Keeping this in mind a tree plantation drive was organized in St. Agnes’ High School on 4th July 2017. Students of Std. V- XII enthusiastically participated in this programme under the guidance of their Principal, Sr. Antonnete and teachers.
In order to spread awareness regarding the same students of Std. VII took out a Prabhat Feri in the neighbourhood displaying placards and shouting slogans.
Various activities were conducted in the school during the day. Students of Std. VI artistically expressed their views about the environment in a drawing competition.
Students of Std. VII & VIII participated in a rangoli competition keeping the environment in mind. Students of Std. VIII penned down their thoughts in an essay writing competition with ‘Plant & Prosper ‘as the topic.
Students of Std. IX expressed their views in an essay writing competition, on the topic-Nurture Nature.
The focus of the various activities was to inculcate in young students a sense of commitment to “NURTURE NATURE FOR A BETTER FUTURE”.

26 de agosto de 2017

St. Agnes' High School, BYCULLA, Pune, India - Part 2

Science is worth exploring

The Science Club for the students of Std.VIII was inaugurated on this day, to develop a scientific attitude among students. It is indeed a fact ‘Science Empowers’. Keeping this in mind Mrs. Mercy elaborated the importance of Science in our day to day life and also highlighted the role of the students in the activities of the Science Club, thus motivating them to actively participate in them.

The theme for the year would be ‘Personal health, Hygiene and Sanitation.’

‘You’ve got questions, you’ve got Science’. It is indeed necessary to develop a scientific attitude and make it a part of our lives.
Hurray Science Club! Let’s stand for SCIENCE not SILENCE.

25 de agosto de 2017

St. Agnes' High School, BYCULLA, Pune, India - Part 1

Ambassadors for Mother Earth

It was a special day for the students and teachers of Std. 1X of St. Agnes’ High School. It was the day of the inauguration of the Eco-Club.

The programme began with a short prayer service invoking God’s presence among us. This was followed by a meaningful speech delivered by Anam Khan on of the 9th std. students. She very emphatically highlighted the problems we are facing today due to our insensitive attitude towards Mother Nature. It is therefore the need of the hour to make genuine efforts to save our environment for the future generations. A short dance performance reinforced the above message very vividly.

The students then took the oath, pledging to take care of the environment and also make judicious use of all resources thus promising to be ‘Ambassadors for Mother Nature’.

Ms. Jenella then went on to explain the rules and regulations of the club and also informed the students that a Vice-President would be selected from among them and also a Secretary who would be assigned the task of keeping a record of all the activities of the Club. Four students from each class would be selected as Green Corp Members who would assist the Vice-President in the various activities.
Our Principal Sr. Antonette encouraged and motivated the newly formed Eco-Club in their future endeavours. She advised them to take up this noble cause willingly and to make our world a better place a reality. 

Various activities such as ‘Tobacco Awareness Campaign’, ‘Cleanliness Drive’, ‘Best out of Waste Competition’, ‘Tree Plantation Drive’, ‘Skit on Managing Waste’, have been planned. The Club will also collaborate with Green Line an organization which works for the environment, by taking part in their activities for the year.
Kudos Eco-Club! Let’s march for the environment.

24 de agosto de 2017

Safety awareness, St. Joseph, Pune, India

The 71st Independence Day Celebration was filled with activities that aroused patriotism and pride in the heart of every individual. The activities too were chalked out in a manner befitting the day. One such major activity involved our sisters and students. With a view to make people aware of orderliness and peace in the society, the youth and sisters controlled traffic at the Phugewadi  Junction for 2 hours. Goodies were distributed to commuters wearing helmets and seatbelts. They awareness by holding colourful placards and banners.
What could a better way to instill the idea of justice, peace and harmony in nature ?

This activity made the youth aware of orderliness and the peace it brings along with being in harmony with nature.

18 de agosto de 2017

CJM, VASAI, Pune, India

To make aware of the problem of Global warming, a tree plantation drive was organised in the school premises.

The students held a rally around our school premises and a cleanliness drive in the campus.

16 de agosto de 2017

Annual Day 2017 - PASHAM, Pune, India

The Annual Day was held on 4th Aug. 2017.
The inaugural prayer dance set the mood for the program by transporting the audience into a receptive mode.
The  theme was the musical “Annie”.

It portrayed the emotions of Love and Humanity very strongly.
It brought live into the life of a person who was hard hearted and money minded.
The soul rending choir added life to the 700 strong participant event.
The backdrop turned the stage into a reality.

It moved people to tears while awakening them to the reality that Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation was the sole ingredient that helps sanity and humanity  to garnish the otherwise cold world.

St.Joseph High School, Pashan, Pune